Message from St Mochta's Church

The Ascension of the Lord

We had planned to celebrate our Parish First Holy Communions on this and the two previous weekends in May and two of our three celebrations of Confirmation. We are as disappointed as the children and their families. However, these celebrations are postponed and not cancelled. They will be rescheduled when we are sure that it can be done safely and with no risk to the health of all involved. I think about all the work you have put in at home, in school and in the parish, learning your prayers, going to Mass, getting to know Jesus as your friend and learning all about how he lived his life and what he asks us to do as his followers and friends. I hope you will continue to do these things and when you talk to him in prayer tell him what is going on in your life and ask him to help you to be patient so that when your first Holy Communion and Confirmation days come you will be filled with joy.

Remember that in this month of May we honour Mary, the Mother of God and our mother. Pray to her also, in particular you could say the Rosary together with your family. We are missing you here at the Parish Centre and the Church on Tuesdays and Sundays, but we are delighted that you can ‘come to Mass’ if you link in to our webcam on Sundays at 10.30am and on weekdays Monday to Friday at 10am Webcam Link: https:// Or

Before Jesus ascended to his Father he asked his disciples, which includes us, to make him known to the whole world and to love one another as he loves us. While we are sad now because of all the problems that the corona virus is causing, we should always remember that there are other people suffering even more than we are. I know that during Lent many of you took a Trócaire box to help poor suffering people. If you have not already done so, you can use any of the following to send what you have collected in the box: Online at, By post to: Trócaire, Maynooth, Co. Kildare or by phone 1850 408 408.

Thanks again to all who have sent in Easter Dues and donations for the webcam and Family Offering. We have been reading in John’s Gospel this Eastertide the words of Jesus, explaining that ‘The Christ must suffer and die and rise from the dead’. We have celebrated these events in Holy Week and Easter Sunday. He also said ‘I am going to the Father; and I will return to take you with me’ We celebrate his going on this feast day of the Ascension and he said ‘I will send you the Advocate, the Holy Spirit who will lead you into all Truth’ which we celebrate next week on the feast of Pentecost. These Spiritual events are celebrated to strengthen our faith in the Lord and his Word.

Remember: Live each day in the present and make it beautiful. Do not count the days, make each day count. Never feel that you are alone, for no matter how far apart we might be physically, we are present there in each other’s hearts. Stay strong and keep well and safe.

Fr. Paul